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For a previous installment of IF GANDALF WROTE ROMANCE NOVELS


Last night my dear friend Hillary made a quick comment that put me in mind of the idea of things that LOOK like cartoons, but aren’t actually drawn figures. I’m traveling this week, so I can’t keep up with the comics, but I love that idea of living cartoons.

Standing in front of my fridge this morning I saw my collection of photo booth photos and realized the fit the bill.

from Left: me at 18 (I always said I was a boy till I hit 22) with my then friend Kista; Enoch, me and Kate more recently

We’ll be back on a more regular schedule (with THE HARD COMICS and everything) next week! (I’ve still got visitors.)

But, in the meantime, I wanted today to give my niece her very own day cause she did something awesome and amazing. My fourth grade niece, Mariana, won a city-wide drawing award for Juneau Alaska bringing together images of the ocean and reading. One of her prizes is that they made her drawing into a bookmark for the Public Libraries.

I couldn’t be more proud! Check it out–and, hey, Juneau! I want more of those bookmarks! We READ over here!

Congratulations, Mariana! I sure love you!

(i covered up her last name with a piece of paper even though it looks like i cut a chunk of the bookmark out. NO WAY. NO DEFACING OF THIS BOOKMARK MAN! i like it too much!)

Please feel free to send a message to Mari here! I bet she’d love to hear how much you love her bookmark too!

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