RACHEL LEARNS TO DRIVE, by lily-elaine hawk wakawaka


Thanks to the encouragement of friends, I started first drawing goofy little comics to mail to friends, and then started posting them here.

First Paul (got me started drawing them), and then Susan (got me started posting them), are really to blame. So, if you’re cranky about it, blame them! 🙂

The quirky perspective presented here are all those of my alter-ego, a slightly snide, pretty goofy, cynical, but sweet-hearted, god-loving heathen by the name of Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka (in small-caps, please!).

The title Rachel Learns to Drive comes from the simple fact that I’ve dragged my daughter’s butt all over this continent. I’ve traveled myself more widely, but she’s only seen Canada and the United States. Still, she’s seen more of it by car than most adults I know. She’s still way too young to actually do the driving, but she’s brilliant at road trips nonetheless. The title of this comics blog, then, is a play on that–she’s learned how to travel, so well it’s automatic. Since any comics, in some sense, represent personal perspective via experience, and much of this comic perspective is in the form of memoir, the idea that Rachel learns to drive is a simple metaphor for growing up, and growing up traveling.

Since my thoughts are too damned varied to stick to only one focus (that is, one series, or topic) for my comics, you can expect a mix of varied topics all appearing here from Monday through Friday. Following is a brief account of some of the themes that show up here regularly.


Comics by me post Monday through Friday. The kiddo is excited to work on comics too though, so on occasion comics written by “lily-elaine hawk wakawaka, jr.” will appear here too, usually on Mondays.

During the week there are several different comics series that will intermingle. Here’s a brief account of some of the series you can expect.

Monday through Wednesday: Memoir Comics

Comics from the Kiddo

Mondays will sometimes feature comics drawn by my 12-year old, aka., lily-elaine hawk wakawaka, jr. She’s THRILLED to be here!

“Saying Goodbye to Mr. Circumstance: A Life with PTSD,   For M”

Tuesday will consistently host installments from a memoir series exploring the realities of PTSD resulting from escaping an abusive marriage. This series is challenging in its willingness to be personal, but is written for the sake of others I know also suffering from PTSD, and as a way to increase the discourse on PTSD in non-war circumstances. It is deeply important that veterans are receiving much needed care after war trauma. I am so grateful that this is so. Unfortunately, PTSD arises as a result of other types of trauma as well. “Saying Goodbye to Mr. Circumstance” attempts to broaden this very important dialogue.

“Life in the *W* Years”

Whether you were for Bush, Jr., or not, you gotta admit the post-9/11 world has been pretty nuts. This memoir series examines a mix of odd, and poignant experiences had during those 8 years, all considering quirky interactions with other people.

“Discovering Wakawaka”

My early years included a lot of searching around to figure myself out via all SORTS of activities ranging from past life regressions, camel training, psychic readings, and trips to the Middle East. “Discovering Wakawaka” will tell some of these goofier experiences.

Thursday and Friday Comics

At the end of the week the comics will take on a looser focus. Following are some of the things you can look forward to.

“Letters to My Very First Ex-Husband”

Who doesn’t like re-hashing the absurd sh*t their ex’s pulled while you were still together, or since? It’s embarrassing, uncomfortable, and a little bit angry making, and that’s what makes it funny. Relationships are always more a song, than just one note though, so expect a little of the sad side of honesty here too.

Pet Comics

How many people have gotten surgery done for their hamster? Honestly? Not many. Well, WE DID, and he began writing comics soon after in some sort of retaliation, or maybe some sort of bad reaction to the hamster nitrous. Anyway, keep an eye out for tales from our little guy in “The Adventures of St. Hamster of Assisi.”

Though she’s much less verbose, our cockatiel, Rosie Bird, will pen comics on occasion too. Mostly she just likes to squawk.

Random Thoughts

I’m nothing if not full of apparent non-sequitors, so trust me this: those will be mixed right in here.

Wine Review Comics

What better way to celebrate than with an accessible, and yet still oenophilic cartoon approach to reviewing our favorite high brow past time–drinking wine? If you’re looking for my wine review comics, they’ve found their own devoted site!

Check them out at: http://WakawakaWineReviews.com  Hope to see you over there too!


Also, I’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to post in the comments section of any particular comic. Really! Or, you can message me directly by emailing lilyelainehawkwakawaka (at) gmail (dot) com . (No spam, please!)

My twitter feed Rachel Learns to Drive (on the road) is featured at the bottom of the main page, and links for subscribing via email, or RSS can be found there too. You’ll also find a link to our Facebook fan page where you can track various comic projects updates, tidbits on how our hamster is doing, and other Rachel Learns to Drive related stuff.


  1. Rica said:

    I wish there was a way to comment on twitter without joining twitter, because that “I think I woke up boring” comment is PRICELESS. Thank you.

  2. Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka said:

    Rica, Thanks so much! I’ll work on putting that one in comic form too. I’m glad you’re enjoying the twitter feed!

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