Back by Popular Demand: “Life at South Elementary: The Trouble with Tights” plus a letter to readers

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The girl would LOVE to hear from you so please feel free to respond in the comments here. Thanks so much!

  1. pretty dress said:

    excellent eternal-agony-of-embarrassment face!

  2. camelama said:

    Oh, the gritted teeth! The bodyless laughing audience! Wonderful.

  3. megwood said:

    The same thing happened to me once when I was a kid! I’m so glad I’m not the only one (even though, duuuuude, I’m so sorry that happened to you!)! Thanks for sharing such an embarrassing story with us — stories like this and the ones your mom tells in her comics really help people feel SO MUCH BETTER about themselves. So much less alone! You rule, kiddo! Keep ’em coming!

  4. drfooms said:

    Just so you know, even boys have problems like that, but unless our pants fall down down down, we’re not so embarrassed. But we just worry a lot in our minds that it could happen! And of course we never wear pink underwear!

  5. katems said:

    uuuuugh! slipping tights are the WORST! that feeling when the crotch is sort of about three inches down your thighs where it’s not supposed to be and is so uncomfortable, and the ankles are strangely baggy!! the worst!!

    i have so many memories of that sliding-tight feeling from childhood. i feel your pain l-e.h.w.w.Jr. I feel your pain.

  6. Michele Morgan said:

    One of the many reasons that I, at nearly 51 years of age, HATE wearing tights/nylons/hosiery of any kind! 🙂 Thanks, Jr… and btw, your illustrations rock… especially the facial expressions. You and your mom are so cool!

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