A Special Edition: “Life at South Elementary” by Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka, Jr. (that is, my daughter)

click on comic to enlarge

Congratulations to lily-elaine hawk wakawaka, jr. on her comic! She’s so excited to share it here with all of you.

Please feel free to comment–she’d love to hear how you like her first multi-frame endeavor.

  1. April said:

    If I could love this more than I love Lily-Elaine Hawk Waka Waka Sr.’s I would, but I just love them both so much. Cliche time,….the apple doesn’t fall…you know.

  2. Okay, that is awesome, and I’m just happy that I wasn’t drinking chocolate milk (or anything else) while I was reading it! Congratulations on your comic debut, Ms. Hawk-Wakawaka, Jr. I hope you’ve got more coming soon!


  3. Enoch said:

    Great comic, [Junior]! I hope to see more in the future. → Enoch

  4. Florentien said:

    Hahaha! My favorite is the spitting-chocolate-face: the color, the little round mouth, and the perfect spray of it, very funny!

  5. Delightfully gross…I could taste the chocolate with the taste buds in my mind’s nose.

  6. megwood said:

    She should do a weekly feature! She’s amazing!

  7. Denise said:

    love the story and the color. R I know you are full of many more stories…but I think maybe stories about math would be my favorite.

  8. deathmama said:

    too cute! wakawaka jr., will you please do a comic on your principal l’ecole? or maybe it’s too soon. wait til the wound heals over?

  9. Michele Morgan said:

    Jr… thank you so much for this brilliant and hilarious look into life in the 4th grade. I tripped down memory lane to a time, also in 4th grade, at my friend Erin O’Brien’s birthday party, someone told a joke and Erin had chocolate MILKSHAKE coming out of her nose! Totally gross and perfect illustrations. You are certainly your mama’s daughter! 🙂 More, please!

  10. Marianne said:

    How did Jasmine’s crush react?

    • Marianne said:


  11. former 4th grader said:


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