Discovering Wakawaka (aka., Living with the Rest of it): A Memoir Series: Exploring Past Lives

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  1. April said:

    Fuck yeah! I’m sure I was a river.

  2. Michele Morgan said:

    Of COURSE you’re living more than one life simultaneously…we would expect nothing less of you! 🙂

  3. Helvetica Fox said:

    Hurray for the still lives of trees! And your arboreal incarnation somewhere out there. Also: ask me again. The answer’s still NO. *laughs her butt off* (which is a lot of laughing, in her case)

  4. There are videos online that show sped up versions of trees growth–they honestly look like the trees move in remarkably similar ways to other animal-type forms of life, just more slowly. I *love* that idea–that trees are so not still at all, just more patient.

    Ask me if *I’m* a tree… Hell, yeah!

  5. Where did you take this class and how can I sign up? Sounds really interesting!

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