Life in the *W* Years: The Gifts of Coffee

click on comic to enlarge for easier reading

  1. Clarica said:

    I do not understand the meaning of vitamin C. At least if it was a flower I could look it up…

    • Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka said:

      Clarica, I don’t think *anybody* understands the meaning of Vitamin-C.

  2. i liked this one. if he was smart, he knew that vitamin C is an antioxidant protecting you from the polluted Paris air. let the “savage” australian hold the switchblade.

  3. katems said:

    i wonder if it was meant to protect you from scurvy. oh, the terrible scourge, preying upon those from northern climes, in the darkness without their citrus fruits!

  4. HAHAHA wouldn’t vitamin D have made more sense since Alaska is sometimes sunless?

  5. Melanie said:

    I read this when I was still in bed this morning. I gasped with laughter and tears ran from my eyes. The man was pretty perceptive. He knew that the only thing that might ever get you would be a few germs that Vitamin C can help you ward off.

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