Life in the *W* Years: The Girl Must Have a “Moral Education”

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  1. Lyeta said:

    LMAO. its almost unbelievable. almost haha geez there are strange humans amongst us. I wonder if they ever listen to themselves?

  2. Noah said:

    Wow. I wonder if the conversation would have been more nuanced if it had happened in French, or if it would have been pretty much the same spiel.

    • Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka said:

      Noah, I’m sure there would have been more detail at least. But he seemed pretty set that THE NOTHING was to be avoided. Later in the year when I asked the girl about it, she said in THE ENTIRE SCHOOL there were only three kids that got Moral Nothing. They were separated from all the other kids for their moral education. When I inquired as to what moral education did in either group she responded that she’d asked her best friend (who got Moral Catholic), and her friend told her they “just color pictures of Jesus” and the teachers don’t even talk while they color. In Moral Nothing the kids colored whatever they wanted.

      • LOL! You chose The Nothing AND gave her peanut butter? You may as well have taken her to school on a broomstick. If you sent her in with a Harry Potter book they may have had you arrested.

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