Life in the *W* Years: The Trial of the School Lunches

click on comic to enlarge for easier reading

  1. meow! said:

    Holy crackers. I forgot about the lunch fascists.

  2. foo-camel said:

    Wasn’t there something about the cheese? Wrong cheese? Oh man. Those lunch battles. Whew!

    • Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka said:

      I think I blocked the problem with the cheese.

  3. Wow. That must have been a REALLY great school for you to put up with a real-life Soup Nazi!

    • Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka said:

      There was no easy way to get into a different school in that same town, actually. So, put up with what came our way we did. A LOT came our way.

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