The Adventures of St. Hamster of Assisi, aka., The Hamster Got Out Again (this time FOR TWO DAYS)

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To re-read the first St. Hamster of Assisi Adventure, click here

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  1. Loving the set up!! You definitely get that “sit down with my coffee and enjoy” vibe, knowing you’re going to get a spectrum of complete and utter cuteness mixed with wit, sarcasm, humor and deep insight. For real. I just don’t say those things. Snapshots of your life shared in black and white, which put together a composite bursting with colors! YAY!

    I can’t wait to see what R contributes as well. I hope to see collaborations that bring that relationship dynamic into play as well, as I know you two have such a great friendship!

    Thank you for the mention as well. I feel quite honored. LOVE TO YOU ALL!!!

  2. Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka said:

    thanks so much! you’re fantastic! i really appreciate your feedback and perspective on this whole project. it helps put it in perspective for me too!

    so glad to mention you–you helped me feel bold enough to try something, and that’s a LOT.

    i’ll let R know you’re looking forward to her contributions. she’s so excited about it too.

    lots of love to you! LOTS OF LOVE.

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